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Hi Everyone.

Have you been thinking of trying Squadcast? I’ve been using for over a year now and have nothing but good to say about the service. As I run my photography business, I wanted my podcast to operate with the best systems available. Interviews are the mainstay of my show, and using services that were never really designed for podcasts didn’t seem to be the best option. Enter Squadcast–

I wanted a service that offered studio quality podcasts… from anywhere. After all, your show is all about the audio. Additionally, I wanted a seamless guest experience. Squadcast has simplified the process for guests so they can focus on what they are there to do– tell their story. Audio is uploaded progressively while recording and you can get your files in WAV or MP3 format. Each channel is recorded independently, but there is a great feature to combine all the tracks, which save me lots of time putting my show together.

All these features save me time putting my show together, and let me operate my photography business without getting bogged down producing a podcast.

Squadcast give you plenty of configuration options for your hardware, and I don’t believe I’ve ever had a tech issue with any guest. Easy on-screen dropdowns let you select the mic, and speakers you wish to use, and graphic meters show levels so you know your hardware is functioning and recording the way you expected. I use SquadCast along with my Rode Rodecaster Pro, and it works great.

Been thinking of trying SquadCast? You should. Free Trial

Try SquadCast for free and give a test drive for yourself. You can use my affiliate link below to get started. Yeah, I get a few cents if you subscribe through this offer. Trial Offer

Thanks, and have a great time using SquadCast.


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