Nicole Begley – Is Pet Photography A Growing Industry? Um, Yes!

On this episode of The Mike Cassidy Photography Podcast I have a conversation with Nicole Begley of Hair Of The Dog. Nicole is a photographer, educator, author & podcast host. Nicole specializes in pet photography, and in this episode we have a detailed conversation about the fundamentals of building a profitable photography business, why starting out on the right foot is so important, creating brand alignment, and more! Talk about lots of information! The information here goes way beyond pet photography and covers the essential building blocks for anyone interested in starting a photography business.

Nicole Begley, M. Photog. Cr, CPP, is a zoological animal trainer turned pet photographer and educator. She is the founder of Hair of the Dog, an online community in which she empowers pet photographers to turn their dreams into reality and helps them create successful and profitable businesses. Nicole has authored a book “Pet and Equine Photography for Everyone”, available on Amazon.

She established Nicole Begley Photography in Pittsburgh, PA in 2010 but now serves the market of Charlotte, NC. Nicole shares her home with her husband, two small humans, and her Puerto Rican rescue dog Zoey. Oh yes, she is also Chief of Staff to Emma the cat. She is the creator of the #selfiedog series, a travel addict, and a chocolate martini connoisseur.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Why starting your photography business on the right foot is important.
  • First steps in setting up your photography pricing.
  • Setting your photography business goals.
  • Why you should not compare yourself to others.
  • Learning to own who you are.
  • Is the pet photography industry is still growing?
  • What is the pet photography learning curve?
  • Working in special situations with terminally ill pets.
  • Steps in creating a high-end pet photography business.
  • How to create value in your products.
  • Steps in creating a high-value experience.
  • Eliminating incongruencies in branding.
  • Creating brand alignment.
  • Dealing with low price competition.
  • Thoughts about putting pricing on your website.
  • Personalizing your sales process for maximum profitability.

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