Gina Ritacco – How Makeup Artists Impact Your Photogaphy Business

My guest on this episode of The Mike Cassidy Photography Podcast is Gina Ritacco of Gina Ritacco Professional Makeup Artistry from New Jersey. Gina has been a professional makeup artist for over six years. She is a veteran of dozens and dozens of weddings, and has received raves from her brides for her unique skill.

Gina also manages an ever growing social media presence on both Instagram and Youtube where thousands of followers enjoy her content.

In addition to the wedding universe, professional makeup is also an important part of photography– Especially in the glamour and boudoir fields. Boudoir photography is more than just taking a bunch of pretty photos.  Pampering and a makeover are also part of the total boudoir experience.

Makeup artists need to be technically proficient, but there is also an equally important unseen role, and that is one of a calming presence to the often anxious client. The makeup artist is often on the front lines, and is important for setting the tone for the entire session.

I talk to Gina about how this unseen role comes into play in both her job working with brides, as well as nervous boudoir clients.  During our talk Gina discusses her tips on bringing a calming mindset to both clients and brides.

Topics discussed in this episode:

Nailing down your location on Instagram so clients can find you.Makeup is a big business on Instagram.Being an Instagram makeup influencer.Doing Instagram product reviews.Getting started as a makeup artist.There are no shortcuts getting to the top in makeup artistry.How makeup artists can work with photographers.Finding a mentor in makeup can smooth your start.Bridal makeup workflow.The larger role makeup artists play in boudoir sessions.What percentage of women are nervous going in to a boudoir session.Is there a “no makeup” option for boudoir photography?”I’m not really a makeup person…”Why professional makeup is so necessary in glamour photography.Crazy bride stories?Are high priced makeup artists better?Are wedding sites still worth it?


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