Darryl Stringer – Smart Steps For Adding Real Estate Photography To Your Business

On this episode of The Mike Cassidy Photography Podcast I have a conversation with Darryl Stringer of Build A Photography Business. Darryl is real estate photographer who, along with his team, photographed thousands of properties over the coarse of his career. What’s going on in this episode? Well, Darryl and I have a chat about real estate photography, and how it can be a great add-on to your existing photography business. Darryl has outlined a few important steps to help get your potentially lucrative RE photography business off the ground. Want to know more? –It’s all in the episode!

Darryl Stringer has been a professional photographer in Australia since 1998. During his early years he made a lot of mistakes but he figured out how to make it work as a real estate and architectural photographer, and by the time he sold his business in 2015 his company had made over $2.7 million in photography sales.

Since then Darryl has been a full-time photography coach, working alongside photographers in the US, Canada, Australia and beyond. He helps photographers build their business, guides them towards making great choices, and provides the tools and resources that will enable them to be as successful as they want to be.

Darryl lives in Brisbane with his wife and son, and he loves coffee, politics, bike riding and helping his local community. 


Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Intro to Darryl Stringer.
  • Is RE photography a good add-on to your existing photography business?
  • Is RE photography a growing industry?
  • Is RE Photography for everyone?
  • Darryl’s 4-stage plan for adding RE photography.
  • Building a foundation.
  • Business pre-launch process.
  • Building a strong RE photography portfolio.
  • Organizing your soft-launch.
  • Organizing your full launch.
  • How to determine your pricing.
  • Why RE pricing can seem low compared to portraiture.
  • Some basics of architectural photography.
  • Gear basics for RE photography.


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Facebook: Build A Photo Business


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