Ariel Dilworth – Mini Sessions: How To Do Them Right

On this episode of The Mike Cassidy Photography Podcast I have a conversation with Ariel Dilworth of Ariel Dilworth Co about how to keep your photography mini sessions booked– every time. We also discussed some great smart marketing tips that every photography should be implementing.

Ariel Dilworth is a wife, mom, photographer and educator who is passionate about challenging others to live lives of purpose on purpose. She started out in 2013 as a ‘mom-with-a-camera’ and managed to turn her hobby into a six-figure business while moving to a different state and adding 3 kids to her family.

Ariel has worked with over 1,500+ clients and been featured in many publications. Through growing her own photography business, Ariel has found a passion for authentic marketing & communication. She has since created multiple online courses to help other photographers market their own businesses in a way that is effective but still true to them!

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • What are photographers doing wrong with mini sessions?
  • Simple steps to keeping mini sessions profitable.
  • Be intentional about scheduling mini sessions.
  • Pricing your photography mini sessions.
  • Don’t give away “too much” in your minis.
  • You should be segmenting your email list.
  • Easy ways to schedule your mini sessions.
  • Smart marketing for your photography mini sessions.
  • After the session, what comes next..
  • Leveraging your email list.
  • Think of yourself as a resource for your clients.
  • Using social media the smart way
  • Building your Facebook engagement.
  • The smart way to use social media.
  • Why you shouldn’t copy your competitors.
  • The truth about what is different about your business…
  • What are people doing wrong with their advertising.
  • Why you should be using video.

Links/Products In This Episode:

Acuity Scheduling



Where To Find Ariel Dilworth:

On The Web: Ariel Dilworth Co.

Instagram: Ariel Dilworth Co.

On Facebook: Ariel Dilworth Co.

On Pinterest: Ariel Dilworth Co.

On Youtube: Ariel Dilworth Co.

Ariel’s Freebies For Photographers:

Corona Virus Toolkit

The Photographer’s Guide To Overcoming Self-Doubt

30 Social Media & Live Video Posts For Photographers

More Than Marketing Course

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