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Before applying to be a guest on The Mike Cassidy Photography Podcast, please click here to review my guidelines for podcast guest pitches. 

Agencies:  Please copy the browser link and forward to your client to complete.  


List your show. I'd love to listen.
What's your motivation for being on The Mike Cassidy Photography Podcast? Why are you a good fit?
Please provide a (brief) short one paragraph bio which I’ll typically use in your intro or the podcast show notes. Your chance to shine! Please provide a few quick facts, accomplishments, specialties, how long you’ve been at photography, how you started, etc
The special topic or area of expertise you’d like to spend time discussing on the show. You can list multiple. (e.g. General Interview, Marketing Expert, Biographical, Social Media, etc.)
Please list the name and any links for products or courses you’ve created (e.g. Workshops or digital products) you’d like to have in the session notes.
Shows/Episodes in which you have appeared. No more than 3. If you have a Podchaser bio page, insert your link!
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Must be square and at least 1500x1500. Used for your podcast episode/blog post.
I ensure I have access to high speed internet, headphones (must be worn during interview), A microphone, and a quiet place to conduct the interview.

Podcast Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in The Mike Cassidy Photography Podcast.  The core principle of the show is that it is a podcast with a decidedly more “real” approach to the business of photography.   The show is an interview show that talks to photographers of all levels of accomplishment who have forged their own path in the industry.  Many creatives have shared similar struggles.  Listeners have a genuine interest in how hurdles were overcome, how you’ve got where you are, and what you’ve learned along the way.  The show is not about “get rich quick schemes,” or “magic bullets.”  

I love having conversations that keep the audience engaged & learning, and I welcome pitches for podcast guests.   I receive quite a few inquiries, however, so it is important that you (agencies please have your client complete) are a good match for the show BEFORE pitching and completing the application.  Before submitting, be sure you (or your client) fits the following guidelines:

  • I record the show remotely via Squadcast or Riverside.fm, and thus all guests must ensure preparedness with the following tech requirements:
    • High Speed Internet
    • Wired headphones (necessary during interview.)
    • A microphone (external is preferred.)
    • A webcam.
    • Access to a quiet place (silence all phones/gadgets.)
  • I am looking for intelligent & moving narratives, along with stories and ideas from unique thinkers who can make a difference.  I often enjoy discussing the startup of a business and the struggles encountered in that aspect, and how these were overcome.  I am happy to have guests who have created a product (courses, etc.) as a part of the conversation, but I am not looking to make the sole focus of an episode purely a sales pitch for a product or brand.
  • Currently, I am recording video along with audio— so your video will be recorded.  Please keep this in mind during your show prep.  Video is typically used for short clips for promotion on social media.
  • This show tends to be long-form… typically an hour.
  • On average I’m several weeks ahead in recording, so your episode may not be released for several weeks to months.
  • I need a head shot for episode artwork and show notes.  It must be at least 1400×1400 in size.
  • You must be willing to promote your episode your episode via your social media channels.

I am only able to respond to pitches if I accept your request.