the Mic

Mike Cassidy

Show Host

Mike “formally” started his boudoir photography business in 2009, although it’s roots extend even a few years prior to that.

“I can’t say I ever set out to be a glamour and boudoir photographer. I merely raised my sails and the winds of the universe carried me in that direction.”  Once boudoir and womens portraiture became the focus of his work, he wanted to be sure he was creating the best possible photographs in those styles.

From that humble beginning, Mike has photographed hundreds of women over the years and is still going strong.  

As a fan of podcasts, the show evolved more out of idle curiosity than anything else.  Mike had listened to photography podcasts for years, but felt there was just something missing– so he created his own.  Once the show was published, there was a positive response– so he just kept going!  Now, he’s at the helm of one of the fastest growing photography podcasts in the world.  “It’s a great tool to pass along my years of experience to the next generation of boudoir photographers so they can build upon it and grow the genre into the future.”

the Show

One thing the universe didn’t need was another low-energy photography podcast.  This show is for those who would love to sit and listen in a conversation with some of your favorite photographers.  

I’ve listened to and enjoyed podcasts for years, but there just seemed to be something missing from the available universe of photography podcasts. I wanted something more in depth. Something more “real.” I wanted a different type of photography podcast for intelligent photographers of all genres looking for engaging content that made them think, provided a new point of view, and helped them grow as an artist and business person. So, why not step in and make the kind of photography podcast that I, personally, would love to listen to.